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Thanks! !

On Jan 29, 2015 10:08 AM, "pmart [via NATGA Discussion Forum]" <[hidden email]> wrote:
Jane - I've found the updated course details. It is a real opportunity.  pat
From Christine Fischer:Expert_Truffle_Culture_Technology_CTFC_2015.pdf
Dear friends,
Thank you for all the interest and feedback regarding this special course. I have been working hard with my team here and our research center to make this an excellent course and to incorporate feedback from you.
We have had to move the dates back one week later to be able to offer both courses- back to back -in May. I apologize for having to make this change.
We can now offer 3 possible options to participate in the laboratory and field courses, with a price that includes transportation from and to Barcelona, hotel accommodation, breakfast and lunch.
Here are our dates and prices (Taxes included) for the courses.
• •       May 11-15, 2015. 1 week: 3 days with plant evaluation, microscopic characteristics of 4 species of truffles-- combined with 2 days in the field to look at plantation establishment and management principles and techniques. Cost:  1950 €
• •       May 18 & 19.  2 days of molecular techniques, working with truffle mycorrhizae and with soils. Cost: 800 €
• •       May 11-19. Combined courses with 1 weekend to rest. 
 Cost: 2650€
Please see the attached announcement for all course details, with dates for transportation arrangements for each option. A simple welcoming and orientation dinner will be provided on the Sunday night of arrival in Solsona.
The courses will be held at the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia in Solosna, Spain.
Don´t hesitate to contact me for any questions, I am happy to help. Please DO pass on this announcement to your colleagues, to be followed by a full-blown color brochure, and for wider distribution. The course will be offered in English.
I look forward to seeing you here in Spain-- and to holding great discussions during these courses!
Best regards,

Christine R. Fischer
Dept. Non-wood Forest Products
Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Ctra. Sant Llorenç de Morunys, km. 2
E-25280 Solsona
Tel: <a href="tel:%2B34%20609%2034%201283" value="+34609341283" target="_blank">+34 609 34 1283
pmart wrote
Jane - Thanks for posting. The dates have changed and we now have more detail. I will post and send along to you. It looks very good and we have huge interest. Always good to learn more.  pat

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