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Course Being Offered in Spain
— by jane morgan smith jane morgan smith
This message came from Christine Fischer in Spain just a few days ago.  Some of you may want to attend.

We are now trying to finalize details for this course and we have adjusted the course in response to previous feedback  to include 2 sessions:

    Dates: May 4-8, 2015. 1 week: 3 days with plant evaluation, microscopic characteristics of 4 species of truffles combined with 2 days in the field to look at plantation establishment techniques; (Followed by a week-end of rest).
    Dates: May 11 & 12.  2 days of molecular techniques  using samples from our plants and samples from the truffle site soils.

    Transportation to and from Barcelona to be arranged for days just prior to and after course.

During the first 3 days we will have lots of time and material to work with morphology of Tuber mycorrhizae and plant quality issues.
For the molecular workshop we will do extractions and PCR with both mycorrhizae and with soil, using a Multiplex primer group to detect T. melanosporum, brumale and indicum.  A separate primer  is required for the detection of T aestivum.

We are working with the administration of our center (CTFC)  to reach a price for this course and a minimum number of participants to be able to offer the course.
As soon as I have the final costs and details prepared, I will send you all the information. We want to include hotels and mid-day meals in the pricing, so we are trying to negotiate with local businesses to get best prices.

The course will be held at the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia in Solosna, Spain.

The nearest large city is Barcelona and it is 1.5 hours away, but we wish to work out group transportation in order to facilitate this part of the trip for everyone. We plan to provide a pick-up from the airport and/or from the Barcelona train station on Sunday afternoon-evening, and then a simple  welcoming and orientation dinner that night in Solsona.
Please let me know your thoughts and specific needs so that we can further tailor the course as much as possible to participants' interests. It may not be possible to adjust to everyone's interests, but I will do my best.

    Full course details and daily activities will be sent with the final announcement, hopefully next week, so let me know your thoughts.

And, please do pass this information on to colleagues who would be interested!