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Re: Pruning the HAzelnut tree 3 years old..
— by Craig Craig
I prune similar to Jane leaving 8-10 trunks keeping it in a very tight cone. This allows as much light as possible to reach the ground.  I starting pruning our first 500 trees at about year 3-4 and found they now take more pruning than trees we did not start pruning until years later, 6-7.  They seem to have more suckers.  I would consider waiting until trees were older to start pruning unless they were shading areas out.  I don’t think it is any more work and maybe less.

That said if you have oaks mixed in between hazelnuts I would prune the hazelnuts next to the oaks way back.  I have oaks that are now stunted because they have been shaded out since they grow much slower.

New this year I have started using glycol phosphate (Round-up) on 500 trees to spray suckers during the summer to reduce pruning. Some orchards in Australia have been doing this with good results. This field will take much less pruning this year but branches that have spread to wide will still need pruning.

I have never had issues with Japanese Beetles.