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Tree protectors/deer fencing and ground cover
— by Lorrie Simmons Lorrie Simmons
Opinions or feedback please!  We are planting a pilot acre in Michigan with 256 English Oak and 30 Filberts at the end of this month.  Ph tested by MSU Soil Biology lab came back at 6.3.  We did weed kill-off and 10 tons lime and tilled.  We are going to be using staked tree protectors, and I'm thinking we may not need deer fence.  Now, for ground cover...We don't want to continue to use herbicides and want to keep this organic from this point. I know it is risky to plant clover because of the nitrogen fixing property of legumes, but we have a lot of weeds in our fields, and the clover chokes them out and helps the clay soil become more loose.  Has anyone used a mix of brohm grasses and clover?  The plan is to mow between the rows.